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 Week of September 21, 1998

How to Publish Your Own Book!


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It's been one month since the last issue of Nsagi's List was published. Many things have occurred in these thirty days. Just as I was working on the last issue, a representative of the National Council of Negro Women called to say that we were selected to mount an Internet computer learning laboratory at the upcoming 13th Annual Black Family Reunion Celebration here in Washington, DC. NCNW had very little in financial resources to invest in the project so we had to gather our own resources.

We were fortunate to assemble an excellent group of fourteen technology collaborators, thirty-six volunteer and six financial supporters to create a memorable experience. The resulting activity -Black Family Net Project - introduced more than 500 people to Internet technology, surveyed more than three hundred reunion visitors about their computer experiences and distributed more than ten thousand Black Family Net Guides throughout the festival grounds.

As I was beginning the Black Family Net Project weekend, September 12th & 13th, my services as an exhibition specialist were requested for the Congressional Black Caucus Cultural Museum Shop project at the 28th annual Congressional Black Caucus Legislative Conference held September 16th through 19th. So, you can imagine that I've not had much time for Nsagi's List but the energy is calmer now and I can continue my journey in cyberspace.

And now, "some virtual morsels of real slices of life"


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